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Two women who have been unjustly confined to a prison planet plot their escape, all the while having to put up with lesbian guards, crazed wardens and mutant rodents.
Star Slammer (1986) <br/><br/>** (out of 4)<br/><br/>Taura (Sandy Brooke) is sentenced to serve some time on a prison ship that floats around in outer space. As soon as she arrives she has to deal with not only a nasty warden but also the other women including one who plans on making Taura&#39;s life a living Hell.<br/><br/>STAR SLAMMER, also known as PRISON SHIP, is an ultra low-budget movie from director Fred Olen Ray, which might not be the most original thing you&#39;ll ever watch but it&#39;s at least slightly entertaining as long as you&#39;re not expecting something like Kubrick&#39;s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY.<br/><br/>The film is basically just a lot of silly action scenes as the film wants to not only cash in on the sci-fi genre but also the women-in-prison one. The two work quite well with one another but as I said, there&#39;s certainly nothing original going on here. You&#39;ve got the lesbian and mean warden, you&#39;ve got outsiders causing trouble, there are the ladies fighting one another and you get the idea.<br/><br/>I will say that Brooke was a lot of fun in the lead role and she certainly helps push the film along. Suzy Stokey, Marya Gant and Dawn Wildsmith are all entertaining as well. You&#39;ve also got Aldo Ray in a small role and one of the final apperances by John Carradine whose total screentime is around a minute. In fact, Carradine shot a bunch of scenes in one day several years earlier and those were scattered throughout several Ray pictures including JACK-O, which was released years after the actor&#39;s death!<br/><br/>STAR SLAMMER is pretty much low-budget junk but it&#39;s certainly fun enough to where fans of the genre should enjoy it.
i don&#39;t care what critics say about Fred Olen ray,he makes fun movies. prison ship is very campy and fun sort of like the flash Gordon serials. i love the opening music for the sounds similar to the raiders of the lost ark theme.anyway its a science fiction women in prison flick.with some of my favorite actors;Aldo Rey,Bobbie bresee, ross hagen,dawn wildsmith,and even johnny legend.some of the space battle scenes were stock footage from battle beyond the stars.its not star wars but its still a fun movie to watch.i believe this was inspired by flash Gordon and buck rogers.i wish i could find this on DVD i rented this from a video store about 10 years ago on ancient VHS. but i think it would be far much better in widescreen.all i can say is Fred Olen ray keep making them fun movies,ignore the movie critics,they are sheep.i know this is crazy but i give prison ship 8 out of 10.

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